The nineteenth century greenhouse, covering an area of 220 square metres, is one of the first to be designed with a double roof. Greenhouses prior to this were built with one side sloping down onto a wall, in an effort to keep as much heat inside as possible.

The glass roof is supported by a base in ‘pietra serena’ the traditional local stone, and on the sides are windows opening onto the italian garden.

Inside the greenhouse is a delightful small fountain dating back to the nineteenth century, decorated with sculpted marine animals.

There will be a sophisticated lighting system installed with the capacity to adapt to the requirements of any form of activities within the area, and a heating and air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.



Surrounding the greenhouse is an italian garden covering an area of approximately 1000 square metres.

In this charming garden are two enormous stone basins with water features and gorgeous water lilies, hedges trimmed to a classic formal design which enclose sweet rose bushes at their centre, and steps in "pietra serena" adorned with statues of fantastical stone birds and beasts.

At the top of the steps is an area of lush grass shaded by fruit trees and surrounded by flowers, making this space a glorious haven, perfect for a special event in the open air.