Urban Horticulture Course

Urban Horticulture Course - Our City Vegetable Garden

Discover the world of horticulture with our courses open to all ages; adults and children. Ideal for parents who would like to embark on a new venture with their children.

The aim of the Urban Horticulture course is to make people aware of the possibility of cultivating a vegetable garden and how to produce vegetables, at home, in the city.

Which is why the course will be held in an urban context, in Florence, in the Torrigiani garden where we produce organic vegetables, fruit and flowers.

You will learn, above all:

  • to recognise plants using the three senses: sight, smell and touch, and the various ways of learning how to put this into practice.

  • some knowledge of ecology, botany, agronomy and cooking. How to correctly utilise all the elements of a kitchen garden.

  • to sew, to plant, to tend plants during the growing period: watering, caring for, manuring, etc.

  • to treat possible diseases

  • to pick or harvest the final product at the right time

We can even construct a fixed or mobile structure on your terrace or in your garden, in the best place to start a kitchen garden.

The Teacher


Stefano Pissi is an agronomist, and he has a passion for vegetable gardens. So he has combined the two and invented a career as Master Vegetable Gardener!

He can visualise a vegetable garden absolutely anywhere. On balconies and terraces in the city, in the country, in the garden, in schools, in hospitals, or simply as an addition to a décor.

His love of nature has born fruit in a collaboration with the University of Florence agronomy department with a project entitled The Study and Feasibility of Vegetables for Gardens and a humanitarian project abroad: Vegetable Garden Project in the Oasis of the City of Dajila.

He founded a cultural association for vegetable gardeners and over the last few years has written a regular specialist column in two highly regarded gastronomic publications.