Gardendance Course

Gardendance is an experiential journey through movement, directed towards children who articulate around the message received from their knowledge of the body.


It has been proved that the relationship between movement and awareness develops in the first 4 months of life and that everything thereafter is built on this; when the experience of movement is integrated into our education our view of ourselves and the world around us changes.

For a child, plotting out his own body is a huge discovery.


The study of movement can be regarded as another dimension of sensibility of thought and language which can expand the creative and social process and develop a heightened awareness of one’s life on earth.

Starting with the basic principles of contemporary dance, we will trace a journey to discover the fascination of the anatomy of expression of the body, and attempt to rename all the key words of dance in order to create a new language invented instinctively by the children themselves.


Twice a week, during the months of May and June, the workshop will expand on the experiential theme and will involve the garden itself; the Torrigiani Garden will become the Garden of Wonders.


The world of plants holds within it the dynamics of life, the flight of time as an expression of the length of time in which every single fragment drives itself towards fulfilment, a design unfolding in space which contains the intensity of a plant or a flower, the perception of almost feeling a bush bent double in the wind, the ecstatic vision of colours even more brilliant in the heat of the sun.

It is through observation of this ‘botanical education’ of vegetal life, classifying it’s anatomy, it’s physiology, that will enable us to enlarge upon the discovery of an ‘ecology of the body’ and the hope that dance will return to being of primary importance in imagining a ‘new world’


At the conclusion of our journey a film/DVD will serve as testimony to the little ‘botanical dance vocabulary’ initiated by the children, which will be the first part of the production of a documentary film ‘V.U.D’ (Vocabolario Utopico della Danza) which envisages a number of workshops to be run by people of different backgrounds and age groups in various places in the world, to write a ‘ Utopian Vocabulary of Dance.’

The Teacher

Cristina Rizzo, dancer, performer, choreographer. Works and lives in Florence (Italy).

One of the leading figures in the italian choreographic research field, she starts her professional carrer in New York at the beginning of the 90ths.

Trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in technic and composition she developped her dance studies with post-modern technichs at the Cunningham Studio, the Trisha Brown Studio, the Movement Research including the Pilates method and Yoga.


Back in Italy from 1994 she collaborates with different artists and companies as Teatro Valdoca, the choreographer Roberto Castello, Claudia Castellucci from Societas Raffaello Sanzio, the dance company MK, the dance company Virgilio Sieni danza and recently the visual theatre company Santasangre.


As one of the co-founder of the collective Kinkaleri, she fully works in the company from 1995 to 2007, sharing the creative process and presentation of all the productions still in repèrtoire, working between theater and movement research, visual and sound installations, performances. With Kinkaleri she toured extensively thorughout the international scene of contemporary dance and performing arts.

From 2002 she is also actively involved with the collective research group Open producing a series of experimental events, recently the big scale event Waudeville (special project W / International Festival F.I.S.C.O, Bologna by Xing).


She has been guest choreographer for the Italian classical dance company Junior BDT creating controversial dance pieces as the female solo Variazione N° (2007) and the group piece The Rite of Spring ( 2008) produced by Reggio Emilia Danza.

Currently she has undertaken an autonomous research and production course with the project Dance N°3 (a RomaEuropa Festival and RED Aperto Festival production) and  with several other  projects, as the Pubblic Event AHAH and the performance lecture  EX/porno.